TJMaxx-ed Out

26 Jul

Good afternoon! I decided not to go to the gym today, so I am home early and you get another blog post! I had a half day at work today and afterwards I decided to do some shopping for work clothes, as I was in dire need of something other than the blue dress and black cardigan I had been wearing! But first, it was time for lunch! I brought a Tupperware of leftover pasta along with me, so I just ate that on a park bench outside.

I will definitely be bringing lunch to work from now on. I did some number crunching today, based on how much my monthly salary will be after taxes, and I definitely won’t be able to save as much money as I had originally intended. I am a big fan of’s breakdowns of your spending (the website is free and it is so helpful – check it out!) and I realized that I was spending wayyyy too much on food. The era of Spendy Sara has given way to the rise of Stingy Sara. I prefer to use the word “frugal”, but there’s no alliteration in that, now is there?

The grocery comparison I made the other day will really help me in my grocery shopping and one thing I do hope to start doing is planning my menu for the week, so I don’t risk buying things I don’t need and letting food go to waste.

After lunch, it was time to head to TJMaxx. My only real goal was to come away with a black pencil skirt and some blouses, but I found a couple of other things that I thought were cute and I had the rest of the day to kill, so I decided to try everything on.

I am clearly NOT an expert in mirror pictures…

I really needed a white button-up because they’re so versatile and I wanted something for more formal office situations (meetings with clients, going to embassies, etc.). This is the one I ended up getting:

Eek, this is a little dark…hope it’s still visible.

I was a big fan of that Tahari pencil skirt – it’s made of really nice material and feels like it will hold up for awhile. Originally marked at $178.00 and I got it for $38.00! I thought it might be nice to have a couple of dresses because that’s one fewer article of clothing to think about! I love that I can just put on a dress and not have to worry about matching it to anything except my shoes.

My “fierce” pose, a la Tyra Banks.

After I had amassed enough work clothes, I wanted to try on some non-work clothes. I wasn’t planning on buying any of them, but we all know how well that works out…

Super excited to be back in casual clothes.

Here’s the haul! I did quite a bit of damage on my credit card, but I’m not planning on making this a habit, so I won’t berate myself too much 🙂

I think I’m pretty covered on the work clothes – at least for awhile.

Does shopping totally wear everybody else out? I was only there for an hour or two but when I got home, I was exhausted and super hungry – despite eating right before. I swear, something about all the stimulation from the colors and textures and choices makes my body say “Enough!” after awhile. Coupled with the ridiculous heat, I was grateful for my air-conditioned house, a tall, cool glass of soy milk, and a peanut butter sandwich! I ate the sandwich too quickly to take a picture, sorry!

As I said before, I decided not to go to the gym today. I have been working out for two hours a day since Monday and I was definitely feeling it when I woke up this morning, so I’m giving my body a break today and spending the evening bed shopping online. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ll know that I’m moving this weekend and I have absolutely zero furniture to my name. I am eager to move in ASAP but I need something to sleep on!

Questions of the afternoon: Have you ever tried to plan your meals for the week? What was successful for you and what wasn’t?

One Response to “TJMaxx-ed Out”

  1. petreaburchard July 27, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    “Whole foods, baby.” I’m quoting John. We keep it simple and try to make a couple of things that will provide leftovers, for those nights when we are just too tired to cook.

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