The Return of (soy)Milk

26 Jul

Good morning! Only one day left until Friday!

I stayed up a little later than I had intended last night, but I was talking to Stefano so it was well worth it. This morning I made myself up a yogurt bowl, with some oatmeal stirred in and the usual fixings.

I was about to leave the kitchen when I thought about the container of Silk vanilla soymilk I had sitting in the fridge. Now, I am not a milk person – I don’t like to use it for anything really, except for cereal and hot chocolate. I’ve hated regular milk as long as I can remember, but even with soymilk, it rarely makes an appearance unless it’s mixed up with something or baked into it. Today, I decided to try a glass of it, because drinking water with breakfast was getting pretty boring.

I was pretty pleased, actually! It really complemented the vanilla yogurt and it had just enough flavor to make it more interesting than just drinking water. I’m not a coffee drinker (*gasp*) so iced coffee is not an option and I think a cold glass of soymilk might make it into the rotation!

Off to get ready for work now, I am learning about websites today, which (as you can probably tell)are totally not my strong suit, so I really need to pay attention. Does anybody have anything out of the ordinary planned today? I hope it’s a great one. Looks like it’s already pretty hot over here, thank goodness for air-conditioned offices!



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