House Hunting

23 Jul

Good morning and happy Monday to everybody!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend – I definitely did. In case you’ve been gone over the weekend, Stef was down visiting from Philadelphia and we went to the National Air and Space museum and then had a night out to see the new Batman movie!

Yesterday was spent doing lots of house hunting for Stefano and his roommates. They all move down to DC for good next weekend and it was coming down to the wire to find a place to live! DC is an interesting place to find housing because of the high turnover rate in the city. People are always moving in and out because of summer internships, jobs, and election campaigns. As a result, people are always looking to rent and it can get a little crazy sometimes. Case in point: the first house we visited yesterday ran out of rental applications and had to go make more copies. After that incident, Stef and his roomies figured that their chances probably weren’t very good.

As we were waiting for their next appointment, we grabbed a late breakfast/early lunch outside. The boys went to Potbelly, but I found a cute cafe right next door that had a great selection of breakfast and lunch items. I ended up ordering the breakfast sandwich with egg, cheddar cheese, and turkey sausage. YUM.

I don’t know if I have ever HAD a breakfast sandwich, which seems crazy, but I think the only ones I ever saw advertised were those on Burger King and McDonald’s commercials which kind of turned me off of trying them. Now I know better, it seems like a great breakfast to take with me to work in the mornings, especially with this idea!

When it came time for their appointment, they were immediately impressed with the facilities. It is a brand new apartment complex and it is chock full with every amenity you can think of – pool, hot tub, sauna, gym, movie theater, and so much more. The actual apartment was absolutely beautiful and all the appliances were untouched. I felt a bit overwhelmed with the luxury and really had a hard time believing that a few guys right out of college could live in such extravagant conditions. Stef shared my trepidation and we spent most of the tour walking around in disbelief. When it came time to decide, his roommates were pretty enthusiastic about it, but I could tell that he wasn’t jumping for joy at the idea of paying so much for unnecessary luxuries. In the end, they ended up applying for the apartment because it was getting down to wire to find housing and the house hunt had been pretty fruitless up until this point. I hope that once he moves in he will feel a little more at ease. I think the rooftop pool might help him feel better.

The boys outside their future, not so humble abode

I don’t have a whole lot on my agenda today and tomorrow, though I have another couple days of training for work starting mid-week. I started off this morning with a fabulous breakfast – oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon, chopped walnuts, and raisins. So hearty and delicious!

I contemplated adding a spoonful of peanut butter, but I decided to hold off because I had gone a little overboard yesterday, as evidence by this snack:

Do you know what that is? Honey Nut Cheerios, covered in peanut butter. It was ah-mazing.

I move into my new house next weekend, so today and tomorrow I will be on the furniture hunt because the room I’m subletting now came furnished and so I don’t own a single piece of furniture at the moment.

I hope everybody has a great start to their week, check back this evening!

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