A Day (and Night!) on the Town

22 Jul

Happy Sunday!

The sun has finally decided to come out over here, after a weekend of gloom and grey. Stefano just took off for Philadelphia again – when he comes back next week, he’s here for good!!! Since he didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon, we had just over 24 hours together, which flies when you’re having fun.

Since Saturday was not a nice day to be outside, we decided to do warm food and do indoors-y things, namely the Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian and then going to see the Dark Knight Rises that night. Before we left for the museum, I cooked us up a vegetable marinara pasta, using lots of frozen veggies and a can of tomato paste, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and dried basil. It was the perfect, stick to your ribs kind of meal for a cool, wet day.

After lunch we were off to the Air and Space museum! One of my favorite things about Washington D.C. is the abundance of museums and cultural events that are free to the public. The A&S museum is included and it is perfect for a day when you just want to be inside. Stef and I had both been to the museum before, but not for many years and it was fun to see all the cool airplanes and see the exhibits the depicted the evolution of flight.

Stefano was happy that the original Flyer, built by the Wright Brothers, was on display.

One of the exhibits was about the stewardesses in early flight. There was a section where you could see if you fit the strict guidelines to become a flight stewardess in early 50’s. Unfortunately, I would not have been among the few than 2% selected, as I am too tall.

So disappointed

Unfortunately, Stef and I are not very good at spending all day at the museum, and after a few hours we started lagging and stopped paying much attention to the exhibits.

We suck at staying on task.

After wandering the museum awhile longer, we decided to go grab dinner. We were both feeling Thai food and luckily, there was a Thai restaurant really close to the movie theater where we would be watching the film that night, so we decided on that. We started off with some yummy dumplings as appetizers and both ordered drinks – Thai iced tea for him and a “Sassy Strawberry” for me, which was a combination of strawberry puree, orange juice, mint, and club soda, which was delicious and refreshing!

Stef snagging sips of both!

We were famished and totally tore through the dumplings. Is it anybody else’s pet peeve when they give you an odd number of appetizers for two people? Luckily, Stef and I know how to share and split the third one down the middle. For our entrees, both of us wanted the pad see ew, which is wide rice noodles with your choice of meat and broccoli, but we always like to order different main courses, so we can share try different things! I ended up ordering the chicken pad thai and he ordered the pad see ew with beef.

Stef ended up enjoying my pad thai more than I did and I was really digging the pad see ew, so we did a switcheroo – though I kept picking off of his plate!

We inhaled our dinner and were finished way sooner than we had planned, so we had lots of time to spare before the film started. We decided to have a walk around the neighborhood and stopped by a CVS to grab some snacks for the theater (shh!). I was so excited for Milk Duds, so you can imagine my devastation when I saw this:

So tragic.

All gone!!! While on the hunt for a suitable substitute, I came across these:

Girl Scout cookie Crunch bars!?! I was so tempted to buy one of the Samoa knock-offs, but decided against it. Has anyone tried these? If they taste anything like the original Girl Scout cookies, I am in major trouble and should probably not even tempt myself by buying them.

After loading up on snacks, we made our way to the theater and got in the line for our showing (there were 5 different showings!). We were second in line, which means we got our selection of seats once the theater opened.

We chose our seats, got our snacks out, settled in, and then it was show time!

So excited for Batman. It was a great movie, definitely worth watching! I love anything with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though, so I might be biased. The movie was nearly three hours long, so it was late when we got out and hopped on the Metro back to my house, so it was straight to bed when we got home.

Did anyone else see Dark Knight Rises this weekend? What did you think?


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