It’s Friday, Friday

20 Jul

Happy Friday, everybody!! Pardon the title of this morning’s post – I can’t help but think of that song every Friday (and then I do a little dance). Does anybody have fun plans for the weekend? Stefano is coming down from Philadelphia again to go house hunting – again. He has been looking at houses every weekend this month but, so far, no dice. For those of you moving to DC anytime soon, the house hunt here is quite the chore. There’s also that fun sticker shock you get if you come from anywhere that isn’t San Francisco or New York City. I will be happy to share my housing hunting adventures for those looking for advice, but that is a post for another day.

Breakfast today was raspberry Chobani with lots of fresh fruit and the last cinnamon raisin bagel of the pack. Bagels were something I really missed in Rome – they come in basically any flavor you want and a bagelwich (am I making words up?) is like a fancier version of a sandwich!

Does that picture look like a face to anybody else? I see an owl…with a spoon in one of its eyes.

Along with breakfast, it is also…Vitamin gummy time! Am I the only one who looks forward to taking their vitamins every day? Gummy vitamins are so good, it is hard to limit myself to the recommended two gummies per day. I just bought this at Target, though I am usually partial to the gummy vitamins from Costco. Does anyone else have a part of their morning routine they get excited about?


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