Jamaican Me Crazy

19 Jul

Good evening!

The thunder and lightning are back in the DC area…goody. At least now it is an acceptable time of day to hide under my blankets. I had a really fun day today! As I said, I went to go visit my friend Cassandra who is currently stuck on her couch with an immobilized knee. Her MRI is tomorrow and that’s when she’ll find out what the extent of the damage is, but right now she’s on crutches and isn’t going much of anywhere on that knee. While I was waiting for her to give me a call, I stopped into Starbucks to grab a Passion Fruit Iced Tea and saw this sign:

That song has infiltrated every aspect of society. Even your corporate beverages aren’t safe. Don’t tell me you didn’t sing along in your head!

On the way up to her house, I decided to pick up some lunch and saw a Jamaican restaurant with lunch specials. Now, I’ve never tried Jamaican food, but I have tried Trinidadian food and I absolutely love it. One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, Pam’s Kitchen, specializes in food from Trinidad and Tobago so I figured this couldn’t be hugely different. Holy yum, it was DELICIOUS. I ordered the curried chicken and the fricasseed chicken and they were both super delicious, especially with the side of red beans and rice and the Caribbean cole slaw.

I had a really great afternoon chatting and laughing with Cassandra. You know those people where you have only known each other for a short while but it feels like you’ve known them for ages? She’s definitely one of those people.

Eventually I had to leave to head to the Graduate School fair that was being held at Johns Hopkins and so I hopped on the Metro. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the public transportation in this city. Between the buses and the Metro you can get anywhere you need to go – it’s fabulous.

When I walked into the courtyard of the university, I noticed this interesting piece of decoration:

Apparently, the Berlin Senate donated this piece of the Berlin Wall to Johns Hopkins. Here’s information that was on the placard: “German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel dedicated a piece of the Berlin Wall at SAIS on Wednesday, November 5, 1997. The wall was given to the Nitze School and the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies of the Johns Hopkins University by the Berlin Senate. It stands in tribute to the success of the German-American partnership and as a symbol of the peaceful end of the Cold War.” Interesting, indeed!

One of the things about the fair that was I was not expecting but was pleasantly surprised about was the awesome food spread.

Guess who didn’t have to make dinner tonight? This girl!

There was quite a good turnout for the grad fair and there were booths for all four of the universities, with representatives to talk to and to answer the questions of those attending.

I didn’t learn too much from the information session that I couldn’t have found via other resources, but it was nice to see people talk about their respective universities with pride. I really liked the programs at Johns Hopkins and Tufts University. The Fletcher School at Tufts has a really flexible curriculum that allows you to select lots of electives and design the program based on your focus, which I really enjoy. One of the best things about the SAIS at Johns Hopkins is that you can do one of your two years in Bologna, Italy! It would be so great to spend some more time in Italy – even though I left Rome less than a month ago, I’m still trying to figure out a way to make my way back to Italy again. I am not planning on applying to graduate school for another year though, so I’ve got some time to think about it. What’s great is that two of the programs (Hopkins and Georgetown) are right in DC and the other two (Tufts and Columbia) are just a short weekend trip away (Massachusetts and New York, respectively)!

My swag

Now I am off to get ready for bed and hide from the thunderstorm. I have a very ostrich-like mentality; if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Was that the correct use of a semi-colon? Send me grammatical corrections and love via the comment page – have a great night everybody!


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