Potlucks and Ceiling Panels

14 Jul

Happy weekend, all!

I had a great rest of the day yesterday. My personal training session went well, I really liked the trainer and I learned some interesting things, including my body fat percentage and my strength and flexibility levels. It turns out that I have a 21.7% body fat percentage, which puts me in the ‘very good’ category by my gym’s standards. I would have to get down to 19% if I wanted to be in the ‘excellent’ category, which requires losing only about 4 pounds of fat – totally doable. The training session itself was good, though it wasn’t any routine I wouldn’t have been able to come up with myself. One advantage to a personal training is having someone there to hold you accountable for having good form and finishing all of the reps in the set. There were times when I was doing push-ups that I definitely would have stopped, had I been alone. I have another session scheduled next week, we’ll see what he has in store for me!

En route to the gym, I made sure to stop by Starbucks to take advantage of their free, tall Refreshers promotion. I chose the Very Berry Hibiscus flavor, which was really tasty. I usually order a Passion Fruit Iced Tea when I go in, but this might be the new drink of choice!

On my way back from the gym I stopped by the grocery store to pick up ingredients to make cupcakes. One of the housemates in the house I am subletting for the month is leaving to move across the country and was having a goodbye potluck. I was feeling summer-y and inspired to do strawberry lemonade cupcakes. It was a bit improvised and I didn’t have much time between the gym and when the potluck started, so I cheated and bought a box of strawberry cake mix – oh, the shame. I also cut corners in the frosting department and instead of doing lemon juice and zest from fresh lemons, I just used a lemonade Kool-Aid packet. Normally, I prefer to bake cakes and cupcakes from scratch, but time was against me. Next time, they will be as homemade as they can be, I promise!

Here they are pre-frosted.

Mid-way through the frosting process. It ended up being rather difficult because of the heat. Because it was so warm inside the house, the butter was not doing a good job staying together and the frosting kept trying to drip down the sides of the cupcake. I ended up topping each cupcake with a very thin layer of frosting, then adding layer by layer as the frosting soaked in and set. I guess that’s why people don’t do a lot of baking in the summer.

E voila! The final product (note the frosting puddles on some of the cupcakes). Definitely not my finest baking creation, but they did taste good!

The potluck ended up being great, with a wonderful turnout of friends and lots of yummy food including enchiladas, cold noodles in peanut sauce, grilled ribs, pesto potato and green bean salad, and a variety of delicious desserts!

Luckily, there were plenty of us and we devoured most of it.

After a great night, we all said goodnight and went on our merry ways. I had planned to wake up this morning to go to a fitness class but my plans were interrupted when I was awoken at 4:30 AM with news that the toilet on the third floor had been running for hours and the water had leaked through all of the floors. When I stumbled downstairs, it was a sight to behold. Water was running out of the ceiling of the second floor onto the main floor and we rushed to stick a bucket underneath to catch it. We did a lot of damage control and most of the water was contained, so we went back to bed. About an hour later, I was startled awake by a huge crash downstairs and when I went to assess the damage, I realized that one of the ceiling panels and completely fallen to the ground. Yikes.

Needless to say, my morning consisted of cleaning up instead of muscling up. Looks like that body fat percentage is going to have to wait. I grabbed a quick yogurt for breakfast, but I am looking forward to yummy leftover enchiladas for lunch! Then Stefano and I are going to explore the city some more and hopefully make it down to the National Mall this evening. What does everybody else have planned for the weekend?

2 Responses to “Potlucks and Ceiling Panels”

  1. Rebecca Lane July 14, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    Wow! Gardening, building the base for a stone patio, a dump run, Secnd Satirday Supper with Ms. megan! And celebrating my father’s 85th birthday! Time for bacon now… 🙂


  1. 19.8 « Magia e Pasta - December 19, 2012

    […] I noticed that the body fat analyzer was out, so I decided to see where I was. When I first measured my body fat in July, I was at 21.7% and I set a goal to go sub-20% so I could fit into the […]

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