Grocery Shopping at Target (or, why wheely carts are the way to go)

13 Jul

Happy Friday, everybody! It’s Friday the 13th, which makes some people happy and some people scared. Others, like me, don’t really notice. Quick shout-out to my friend Chris, whose birthday is today – happy birthday, Chris!

I had a pretty great start to the morning, with my delicious breakfast of champions.

It was a little heavier on the cereal today because I was using the very last of my yogurt, but the yogurt and berries are hidden underneath, I promise!

I had a leisurely breakfast, reading the latest book on my list.

This book is about a million years old (if by a million, I mean 75) but is still hailed as one of the best human relations books out there, so I decided to give it a shot. Although this is a somewhat revised version, it is still brimming with Carnegie’s famous, no-nonsense style and I am enjoying it so far! I will let you know if I learn anything.

Next up on the list was grocery shopping, as my week’s provisions were getting low and Stefano is coming down from Philadelphia for the weekend. His appetite and the state of my fridge would not be a good combination, so I headed to Target. Yes, Target. I don’t know if anybody finds the fact that Target sells groceries as strange as I do, but I figured I might as well explore. Plus, Chobani yogurt was on sale, so off I went!

After lugging all those bags home myself, I now understand why everyone has those ridiculous-looking wheeled carts everywhere. I should just consider that my workout for the day and not even bother going to the gym! Once I got to Target and filled up on Chobani, I decided that I might as well finish my shopping in one place. The jury is still out on whether or not I will make this a habit, but I am happy with the goodies I came home with.

Don’t you love my yogurt pyramid?

After all the groceries got put away, I used up the salad fixings I already had, which were starting to look a little sad. As it turned out, there were quite a few fixings and the salad ended up being a little more massive than I had originally intended.

Just to show you how large that bowl actually is, I put it right next to my face.

Seriously huge, right? That’s my salad game-face.

Now I’ve got a little bit of down time before I head off to the gym for my first personal training session! I am excited to see what kind of session they put together after hearing back from the people who did my movement assessment and nutrition consultation. On the way, I am going to drop by Starbucks for a free Refreshers drink, a promotion they’re doing from 12-3 (check to see if your local Starbucks is participating!).

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was a delicious discovery I made in the office kitchen at work.

I don’t know where you find these gems, but if you know you must share. They are tasty! Little clusters of crispy cereal and caramel dunked into milk chocolate. Holy yum.

I hope everyone is having a great day, check back with you this evening, post-training session!

One Response to “Grocery Shopping at Target (or, why wheely carts are the way to go)”

  1. Elizabeth July 13, 2012 at 2:32 pm #

    Oh too funny. This is a great direction to go.

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