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Mattress Mishaps

29 Jul

Good morning, wonderful people!

I had a wonderful day yesterday, but it was a total whirlwind! To recap…


So breakfast was a bit of a miss. Stefano is down for the weekend and I was so busy helping him make his breakfast, that I neglected to watch my own (a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave). As a result, this happened:

Whoops. Of course, I wiped up as much as I could and then carried on eating, but it was not pretty. Better luck this morning, I hope.

Mattress Shopping

Yesterday was all about mattress shopping and other related things. Stef and I went to the mattress store and had a pretty good time testing out all the different beds.

He may or may not have gotten a little too comfortable on one of them. Both of us were in the market for new beds and we found a great deal that included the mattress, box spring, and bed frame because the mattress was being discontinued for it’s “new generation”.

Hello, Sealy.

We had them delivered to my house (as Stef can’t load his things up to his apartment just yet) and I was eager to get the bed to my room! As the delivery people reached the stairs, it was clear that the box spring was going to pose a very big problem. Because of the sharp corner on the staircase and the height of the ceiling, there was no way that box spring was getting up to my room, unless we broke the box spring or the stairwell. Sigh. So today, I am going back to the mattress store to try to deal with returning the box spring.


After we went to the mattress store, we met up with Stef’s parents for lunch. I was so, so hungry and we decided to pick something fast and easy. I had been meaning to try this new restaurant that opened, called Cava.

It is basically a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern version of Chipotle – where you can choose a pita or rice bowl and then add meat like chicken, meatballs, or lamb and cover with toppings that include tzatziki sauce, hummus, eggplant and red pepper, etc. I decided on the pita wrap, with kofta (herbed meatballs) and topped it with loads of things: tzatziki, hummus, eggplant, cucumber and tomato salad, feta, kalamata olives, and other goodies.

It was delicious and I was hungry, so I devoured it in about 4.5 seconds. So good. I would definitely go back – these flavors are right up my alley. Stefano chose the rice bowl and ordered a slice of pita on the side.

After lunch, we went down to Stefano’s apartment so he and his roommates could sign their lease. They had a bunch of freshly baked, Otis Spunkmeyer cookies right on the table, so I ended up eating almost half a dozen of those before I made myself leave the room. Dangerous territory. We are going back today so we can get his keys and then he will no longer be homeless!


After lots of moving and driving around the city, we were so ready for dinner. Stef’s parents took us out to Red Rocks Pizzeria, which is where I went with Amanda when she came down to visit from Maryland. We ordered a caprese salad to split and then chose four different pizzas to try between us. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures during the dinner because we were all ravenous and I was too caught up in conversation to remember to be a blogger. Amateur move.

After dinner, it was off to bed. Stef and I had a late night when we waited for his parents to get to the city, and then woke up early the next morning, so we were exhausted and so ready to sleep.

I am off to tackle some mattress issues and then go car hunting for Stefano, so it will be another long, busy day! Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

Quick Question: What kind of mattress do your prefer? Firm, soft, memory foam? Maybe even a waterbed?

Rooftop Party

28 Jul

Good morning! It’s the weekend!

When I left you last, I was headed to the gym for a personal training session, a workout, and then a rooftop screening of the opening ceremony of the Olympics. This was my last of the three personal training sessions that came with my gym membership. I enjoyed working with my personal training, who was fun and had some great workouts for me, but it is very costly and I don’t know if it would really benefit me when I can come up with workouts on my own.

After the workout with my trainer (approximately 40 minutes), I was originally going to take a boot camp class, but decided that I needed to do some cardio to prepare for the Rock ‘n’ Roll in Virginia Beach over labor day weekend. I went upstairs and hopped on a treadmill to do a 5k. I’m at a 10.1 minute/mile pace right now, but I took it really easy, so I think I could drop at least a minute off of that time.

After the workout, it was time for the rooftop party! When I got up to the roof, they were doing a yoga class to raise donation money for a yoga instructor who was beat up last weekend on the way home from his house and needed surgery. Like many people, he doesn’t have health insurance, so the fundraiser was to help pay for medical expenses.

As we were waiting to get the screen set up, a lady manning the drink station asked me if I wanted to try some kombucha. I have liked kombucha in the past, but I never buy it because it’s generally really expensive and I like to eat my calories instead of drink them. They had a couple of different flavors, but I ended up trying the lemongrass basil, which was super tasty! I find basil coming up in a lot of sweet things and I feel like it gives a refreshing flavor, much like mint does. Again, I’m probably not going to start buying kombucha, but I did enjoy this after a workout.

They started setting up the screen and so I, along with a girl from my boxing class who I ran into, went over to grab good seats.

The gym had ordered a bunch of pizzas from Dominos and even had a popcorn machine set up! I am not the biggest fan of Dominos pizza, but it was dinner time and I was really hungry after running that 5k, so I downed three slices of the veggie pizza. It actually turned out to be quite tasty! There was even spinach and feta on it!

And then it was time for the Olympics to begin!!! I was so, so excited and definitely got goosebumps, what with all the epic music and intense set changes. I loved how quintessentially British it was and thought it was hilarious that they included things like the National Health Service as highlights of the performance.

Later that night, Stefano arrived from Philadelphia and we are now officially living in the same city after 13 months! I am so excited. His parents also flew in late last night and we took them over to the place they were staying, so it was 3 am before I got to bed.

We are going to spend this weekend furniture shopping for Stefano and me and car shopping for Stefano. My hope is to find a bed today so I can move into my permanent house as soon as possible. I will let you know how things go and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Quick Question: Did you watch the opening ceremonies? What did you think of it?


27 Jul

Good morning and happy Friday!

Have you all seen Google’s image today?

Today is the first day of the Olympics in London!!! I love the Olympics, especially the summer ones, and this is one of the few times I walk around sporting red, white, and blue (aside from the 4th of July) and chanting “U-S-A!” I am super excited to watch the beach and indoor volleyball, the running events, and gymnastics.

My gym is hosting an opening ceremonies viewing party this evening on their rooftop deck. They’re providing the big screen TV, the food, and the beverages, so it’s going to be a party!

Quick Recap…

Dinner Last Night

When I put my dinner together last night, it looked so delectable, all arranged!

My (lately) ever-present bowl of veggie pasta; a side salad consisting of some romaine, sliced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, a drizzle of balsamic, and a dash of salt and pepper; coupled with a side of baby carrots and red pepper hummus. This is what my elementary school teachers would have called “aesthetically appealing”. I’m just going to stick with the word “yummy”.

I did some bed shopping online last night and found a great GroupOn deal for mattresses at a store that’s not too far from my house, so Stef, his family, and I will probably stop by the store this weekend to test out the mattresses in question and if we like them, we can save oodles of money! I love it when deals are available for something you really need or have been looking for.


This morning I combined my daily oatmeal and yogurt bowl and just tossed in a handful of raw oats with my strawbery Chobani yogurt. I like it because it adds some more texture to the dish, along with plenty of fiber. This is a great option for people who like the taste of raw oats and forget to make cold oatmeal overnight.

After topping it with blueberries, strawberries, and walnuts, I added a glass of Silk vanilla soy milk. Look at all the red, white, and blue-ness of it! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Today I have my last personal training session at the gym and then I’m going to go to Happy Hour Boot Camp, which is a class at the gym that is totally unknown to me and then head up to the rooftop to get my Olympics on! Have a great Friday and I will check in with you later!

Quick Question: Are you a fan of the Olympics? Do you prefer summer or winter? What are your favorite Olympic events?

TJMaxx-ed Out

26 Jul

Good afternoon! I decided not to go to the gym today, so I am home early and you get another blog post! I had a half day at work today and afterwards I decided to do some shopping for work clothes, as I was in dire need of something other than the blue dress and black cardigan I had been wearing! But first, it was time for lunch! I brought a Tupperware of leftover pasta along with me, so I just ate that on a park bench outside.

I will definitely be bringing lunch to work from now on. I did some number crunching today, based on how much my monthly salary will be after taxes, and I definitely won’t be able to save as much money as I had originally intended. I am a big fan of’s breakdowns of your spending (the website is free and it is so helpful – check it out!) and I realized that I was spending wayyyy too much on food. The era of Spendy Sara has given way to the rise of Stingy Sara. I prefer to use the word “frugal”, but there’s no alliteration in that, now is there?

The grocery comparison I made the other day will really help me in my grocery shopping and one thing I do hope to start doing is planning my menu for the week, so I don’t risk buying things I don’t need and letting food go to waste.

After lunch, it was time to head to TJMaxx. My only real goal was to come away with a black pencil skirt and some blouses, but I found a couple of other things that I thought were cute and I had the rest of the day to kill, so I decided to try everything on.

I am clearly NOT an expert in mirror pictures…

I really needed a white button-up because they’re so versatile and I wanted something for more formal office situations (meetings with clients, going to embassies, etc.). This is the one I ended up getting:

Eek, this is a little dark…hope it’s still visible.

I was a big fan of that Tahari pencil skirt – it’s made of really nice material and feels like it will hold up for awhile. Originally marked at $178.00 and I got it for $38.00! I thought it might be nice to have a couple of dresses because that’s one fewer article of clothing to think about! I love that I can just put on a dress and not have to worry about matching it to anything except my shoes.

My “fierce” pose, a la Tyra Banks.

After I had amassed enough work clothes, I wanted to try on some non-work clothes. I wasn’t planning on buying any of them, but we all know how well that works out…

Super excited to be back in casual clothes.

Here’s the haul! I did quite a bit of damage on my credit card, but I’m not planning on making this a habit, so I won’t berate myself too much 🙂

I think I’m pretty covered on the work clothes – at least for awhile.

Does shopping totally wear everybody else out? I was only there for an hour or two but when I got home, I was exhausted and super hungry – despite eating right before. I swear, something about all the stimulation from the colors and textures and choices makes my body say “Enough!” after awhile. Coupled with the ridiculous heat, I was grateful for my air-conditioned house, a tall, cool glass of soy milk, and a peanut butter sandwich! I ate the sandwich too quickly to take a picture, sorry!

As I said before, I decided not to go to the gym today. I have been working out for two hours a day since Monday and I was definitely feeling it when I woke up this morning, so I’m giving my body a break today and spending the evening bed shopping online. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ll know that I’m moving this weekend and I have absolutely zero furniture to my name. I am eager to move in ASAP but I need something to sleep on!

Questions of the afternoon: Have you ever tried to plan your meals for the week? What was successful for you and what wasn’t?

The Return of (soy)Milk

26 Jul

Good morning! Only one day left until Friday!

I stayed up a little later than I had intended last night, but I was talking to Stefano so it was well worth it. This morning I made myself up a yogurt bowl, with some oatmeal stirred in and the usual fixings.

I was about to leave the kitchen when I thought about the container of Silk vanilla soymilk I had sitting in the fridge. Now, I am not a milk person – I don’t like to use it for anything really, except for cereal and hot chocolate. I’ve hated regular milk as long as I can remember, but even with soymilk, it rarely makes an appearance unless it’s mixed up with something or baked into it. Today, I decided to try a glass of it, because drinking water with breakfast was getting pretty boring.

I was pretty pleased, actually! It really complemented the vanilla yogurt and it had just enough flavor to make it more interesting than just drinking water. I’m not a coffee drinker (*gasp*) so iced coffee is not an option and I think a cold glass of soymilk might make it into the rotation!

Off to get ready for work now, I am learning about websites today, which (as you can probably tell)are totally not my strong suit, so I really need to pay attention. Does anybody have anything out of the ordinary planned today? I hope it’s a great one. Looks like it’s already pretty hot over here, thank goodness for air-conditioned offices!


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